On a recent commission to photograph a new dairy yoghurt business, a young calf became interested in one of the yoghurt pots. A combination of patience, planning and pure luck allowed us to get this great shot.


An early start to photograph the annual Christmas Tree harvest for a major retailer chain. Once we had some height with the help of a cherry picker it was a case of waiting for the sunrise and positioning our model to get the shot.


A recent shoot saw us photographing the new light display at the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen.

As well as some generic images we decided to shoot something a little more shopping related. After begging a few bags from some of the centre retailers we recruited some models that really brought the image to life.

Glenallachie Distillery

Headed up to whisky country for a PR client to shoot some new images to announce the takeover of Glenallachie Distillery. The client gained extensive shows in the BBC, The Herald, Scotsman and the Times, as well as regional and trade press. Beautiful part of the world too!


A recent commission to shoot a series of images of some new small cell towers for the new 5G network. Although interesting technology, the subject was tricky to photograph and make look exciting visually.

We suggested to the client photographing one of the towers at night, with the resulting traffic light trails symbolising the dynamics and sopeed of the new 5G network.

The client was very happy and the images appeared alongside articles in the press and trade press.


We were asked by several national newspapers to cover the Braemar Gathering in Royal Deeside. It was a blisteringly hot day, and along with a mild sunburn, we got this great shot of the Royal family at the games, with Prince Charles missing his binoculars but making his sister laugh.....

Beast Race Wedding

We were commissioned to shoot some images for a photocall to promote the Prime Four Beast Race. Sarah and her fiance Steve had agreed to get dressed in their wedding outfits and get muddy. They were brilliant sports and the only issue was trying to stop laughing long enough to take the pictures...